Native Hawaiian Advisory Council

If you plan for a year, plant kalo.
If you plan for ten years, plant koa.
If you plan for one-hundred years, teach the children.
-Hawaiian Proverb-

NHAC, as the culmination of the first phase of our Kuleana Waiwai Like project, helped to organize the `Aha Ho`opuka Pono - Hawaii Double-Bottom Line Investing Summit, in Honolulu, February 26-28, 2001. For more information please visit Responsible Markets. Summit follow up and educational material on socially responsible investing will be available on this web site in the near future...

Invest with social responsibility
By Ho'oipo Pa, Kanani Nihipali and Bumpy Kanahele
Honolulu Advertiser Viewpoint, February 25, 2001

Invest in firms with Hawaiian values
By Bumpy Kanahele and Hoioipo Pa
Honolulu Advertiser Viewpoint, October 17, 2000

Our Mission-Makia
Objectives-Na Hana i Manao 'ia
Achievements-Na Hana i Ho'oko 'ia

A new video documentary detailing the history of the Waiahole Ditch and the battle over the waters that runs through it.

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